3/5 FailureFestival #gbgtechweek

Fail fast, fail now – join the FailureFestival!
#gbgtechweek #failurefestival

Welcome to our FailureFestival, where we meet to share failures and celebrate them!

This event is free of charge.

On stage successful entrepreneurs will share their stories of the times they messed up or things went really bad – and what they learned from it. How do failure make us better entrepreneurs?

See more on all the speakers here.

These are stories of courage, fighting spirit and humbleness, sure to bring out laughter and maybe a tear or two!

The Open Mic-stage: You can be a part of the failure celebration! Share your own story of when things took an unexpected turn on our Open Mic-stage!

Follow and sign-up to the celebrations on social media! The #failurefestival is part of #gbgtechweek

When: 3rd of May from 5 pm, finishes around 8 pm
Where: Chalmers Vasa (Entrance hall and Vasa A), Vera Sandbergs Allé 8
Sign-up: To participate in this event you need to be registered. Last day to register is the 3rd of May at 11 am. This is done easily in the sign-up form just below or through e-mail: lena.sjodin@vh.goteborg.se

Failure celebrations is a movement originating from Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs meet up to discuss experience and learnings from failures.

This FailureFestival is organized by Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship together with One Stop Future Shop – the EU-project aiming to boost newentrepreneurs on Hisingen.

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