Entrepreneurial failures a success at the FailureFestival #gbgtechweek

With a bang the confetti flew through the air and marked the start of a memorable evening! The FailureFestival at #gbgtechweek was a colorful and inspiring event that really celebrated failures.

Looking for photos? Please scroll down to the end of the post!

There was much laughter, stories that touched our hearts and many, many, moments of recognition.

Key take-aways from the FailureFestival:

  • Surround yourself and your entrepreneurship with the right people with whom you share the same organizational values
  • Test your idea on the market. Ask the target audience of what they think about your idea – don´t assume!
  • Take care of yourself and don´t back down from your values
  • and last but not least – sell sell sell!

We want to extend a big Thank You to the brave and awesome entrepreneurs that placed themselves on the stage and shared their experiences with us:

Lena Apler, Founder Collector Bank
David Brudö, CEO Remente
Sofia Appelgren, CEO & Founder Mitt Liv
Lee Giove, Founder My Wings
Moa Gürbüser, CEO & Founder MRG Wines
Ariel Kramer, Communications Officer CELLINK
Charles Sinclair & Poyan Karimi, Founders Oddwork

Bonus: two entrepreneurs dared to take the stage on the Open-mic request and shared their moments of buying a glass-cage for 80 000 Swedish krona without a plan on where to store it, and that time when one became CFO for a startup that 13 months later became bankrupt. A massive thank you to you two as well!

Photos from the FailureFestival at #gbgtechweek. All photos are taken by photographer Violetta Kovacka, on Instagram: @violettakovackafoto