Support for entrepreneurs

Do you want to start your own business? Or are you already running a business today, but want support in how to develop it? We can help you with one-on-one councelling, start-up courses, lectures, programmes and much more. One Stop Future Shop is funded by the European Regional Development Fund with co-financing from the City of Gothenburg and many more in the region.

Our services are always free of charge.

Who we can help:

Our counseling will especially suit you who are: female, young or foreign born. Our advisors have a lot of experience in supporting entrepreneurs from these groups. We also offer support in over six languages: Swedish, English, Arabic, Persian/Farsi, French and Maltese. But anyone with a business idea or in need of business development in the region of western Sweden can contact us!

One Stop Future Shop services

We have a variety of different support-activities. Your need will guide in which activity or activities that you choose to take part of. Here are some examples of start-up and business development support at One Stop Future Shop:

Business Counseling – Book or come by our business centre during the opening (drop-in) hours. One-on-one counseling.
Open House – we gather counselors and inspirational speakers that are useful for you as an entrepreneur, one every second month on Hisingen Island.
One Stop Academy – start-up programme, a social accelerator, for entrepreneurs with a social dimension.
Start-up FastTrack – for you who want to start a business in Sweden and learn about the Swedish market. Maybe you have experience in running a business in another country?
Pop-up business councelling – on different places all over Hisingen, mobile business advisors.
Seminars and lectures – on our Business Center on Vårväderstorget 1, Hisingen Island.
Världens mat på Hisingen (Global food on Hisingen) – a kitchen to use for you who want to produce products related to food.
Pitcha din idé (Pitch your idea) – a yearly pitch-event taking place at Gothenburg Culture Festival.

See all of our upcoming activities in our calendar (in Swedish): kalendarium.

We have seminars, lectures and workshops on many different themes, for example:
Workshop: Creative Financing
Lecture and workshop: Branding
Workshop: Digital marketing
Business development within food-production
Workshop: Manage your budget
How to: Conduct better and more sales
Workshop: Sell more in your store!

Please contact one of our project managers and we will help you – or visit us in our business center during our opening hours (drop-in) at Vårväderstorget 1 in Gothenburg.